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To: NHS England and MONITOR

Kidney Dialysis funding cut backs announced August2014

To whom it concerns,

We request an extension to the timescale for comment on the documentation recently produced by NHS England and MONITOR regarding new Tariffs.
For the National Kidney Federation (NKF) to study the proposals with the utmost care and be allowed to comment and object, they have already (subject to closer scrutiny) identified that:-

•These documents reveal a major shift in funding
•These documents provide no evidence for the changes proposed
•A new tariff is to be introduced for AKI (Acute Kidney Injury ) but no detail is given
•Overall the new Dialysis Tariffs for HD, PD and Out Patients reveal a cut in funding of 15%
•Reductions in Tariff funding will have serious adverse effect on, Home Haemodialysis (HD), private dialysis units, dialysis away from base and Peritoneal Dialysis (PD). In particular the clinical imperative of increasing home therapies is thwarted by these changes.
(Courtesy of NKF web site )

Why is this important?

The way that these potentially harmful new Tariffs are being introduced does not accord with the stated intention of NHS England and Monitor who say they are committed to setting national tariff in a manner consistent with the principles of transparency, evidence-based policy – making, consultation with the sector, and impact assessment, as well as in accordance with statutory duties.



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