To: Hull city council

Kingswood retail developnment

Kingswood retail developnment

To over rule the terrible decision they have made for the large retail developnment to go ahead at Kingswood retail park, which will create jobs, bring investment and visitor numbers to the area from further afield.

Why is this important?

Creates jobs

Investment in the city

Increase visitor numbers from neighbouring scunthorpe, goole, bridlington, scarbrough, and surrounding areas.

Stop shoppers leaving Hull shopping at leeds, york, Sheffield and Manchester.

Its what the community and residents support and are in favour of.

Increases value to the properties in the area.

Free parking for its shoppers.

Benefits the local community.

Takes the pressure off from the congested traffic in the city centre and the A63 the main route into Hull.


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Reasons for signing

  • I live in the area and i thi k its a good idea fir the economy and for the social aspect
  • Much needed
  • I live in the area & think this is exactly what we need. It creates new jobs & keeps people in hull.


2017-09-08 15:32:37 +0100

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