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To: The government

Knife-crime emergency

Knife-crime emergency

Take immediate action to stop the continuing murder of young people

Why is this important?

On 8 March a teenager was fatally stabbed near where I live. I wrote to the Queen, the prime minister and my MP with 11 specific suggestions for dealing with the emergency including 'spend whatever is necessary because saving lives is more important than reducing the National Debt'. Neither the Queen nor the PM replied to me but I gathered that my letters to them were forwarded to the Home Office. Only my MP replied.
Since then I have exchanged numerous letters and emails with officials at Buckingham Palace and the Home Office. It seems to me that none of the people to whom I wrote or emailed, except my MP, actually read my 11 suggestions. Instead I got standard letters telling me government policy, with which I was already familiar. I feel I had wasted my time.



2019-08-06 05:11:10 +0100

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