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Korean nuclear reactors in Britain?

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Alan Hutchinson
Korean nuclear reactors in Britain?

Please do not consider tenders for any nuclear power stations involving the Korea Electric Power Corporation.

Why is this important?

The Financial Times reports that the Korea Electric Power Corporation, KEPCO, wants to build nuclear reactors in Britain. It hopes to start by installing a Toshiba/Westinghouse reactor at Moorside near Sellafield, and then build more with its own technology. (Ref 1)

Nearly four years ago South Korea’s nuclear watchdog said that, over the past nine years, safety certificates for more than 7600 items procured for reactors were forged. Several Korean reactors malfunctioned and two were closed for months. (Ref 2)

Ref 1
Koreans near investment in new Cumbrian nuclear plant
by: Jim Pickard and Andrew Ward
Financial Times web site
11 September 2016

Ref 2
South Korea to investigate nuclear plants
by: Song Jung-a and Simon Mundy
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7 November 2012