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To: CEO Tesco, CEO Asda, CEO Morrisons, CEO Aldi, CEO Co-op, CEO Lidl, CEO Waitrose

Label food bank friendly items to make donating easier

Label food bank friendly items to make donating easier

Supermarkets should encourage donations by placing dedicated shelf edge labels under items useful to food banks.

Why is this important?

More families than ever are struggling to get by and unable to afford to put food on the table. Food banks are a vital lifeline for these families, providing emergency food parcels that stop them going hungry because they simply can’t afford the food they need.

With the number of people using food banks on the rise, making sure enough food is donated to feed everyone is more important than ever. A new scheme at Sainsbury’s has found that putting labels on the shelves of items food banks need most can triple donations.

I volunteer at a food bank and everyday I’m there I meet families struggling to afford to put food on their table, it can be heartbreaking. With such a simple way to make sure food banks have enough donations to feed everyone who comes, it’s a no-brainer. Every supermarket should be following Sainsbury’s lead.

Reasons for signing

  • I’ve signed this as unfortunately my circumstances have not improved over the last few months, and I’m going to have to go back to the food bank so that I have some food. Having to keep my heating off only putting it on for an hour a day because my credit will run out and I can’t afford it.
  • I signed because I am fortunate enough to have plenty to eat and feel it is a basic right for all people.
  • This seems a very simple yet effective action


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