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To: Labour Party NEC

Labour NEC to abandon new membership rules

Stop Labour NEC charging £25 to become a supporter and preventing new members from voting in leadership election.

Why is this important?

For a political party that represents the poorest and most vulnerable in society to charge £25 to become a supporter and to have a vote in leadership election, is not only morally wrong, but diametrically opposed to its founding mission and ethos. Only the wealthy in society can afford to pay this. The Labour Party is about empowering people, and giving them a voice - whatever their economic position. The decision only excludes those people whom the Labour Party should be reaching out to.
Equally outrageous is preventing new members who have signed-up since January from taking part, despite stating on the website that they would be able to take part in voting in leadership elections. This is not democratically inclusive.
We ask the Labour Party NEC to remove these new rules, and open-up the leadership contest to everybody who holds Labour Party values.

This petition has been started by a member of public and not 38 Degrees. 38 Degrees is a non-party political organisation, with no links to any political parties. If there's a campaign that you'd like to run why not start your own petition here:



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