To: Langport Town Council/Langport Town Trust

Langport Hanging Chapel Medieval Gateway

Langport Hanging Chapel Medieval Gateway

Consult with the people of Langport and area on the future of this Grade 1 listed Ancient Monument, the Hanging Chapel.

Why is this important?

The Hanging Chapel is iconic to Langport and has belonged to the town in one way or another for centuries. It is deemed to be of national importance and scheduled under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act of 1979. At a meeting of Langport Town Trust in June, the Town Council as sole trustee, voted in secret to offer the present tenant the opportunity to buy the Chapel. Local residents are outraged and want to be consulted on the future of their much loved local 'treasure'.

Many local people are flabbergasted by the decision not least because of the secrecy surrounding it. As the only councillor present at the meeting to oppose the sale, I have been reported for breach of Code of Conduct in revealing something I consider to be in the public interest. Attempts made to force the Council to revisit the motion (which is not not going to be made public until after negotiations are completed!) have failed.

The 'Friends of the Hanging Chapel' are determined to secure the building for Langport's future generations and will leave no stone unturned. They thought it was safe in Langport's Town Trust. Please support our efforts.

Somerset and beyond

Reasons for signing

  • This should not be allowed to happen.
  • If the council have sole control over it, then it should be up to the local people to decide its future - not up to the council to decide what to do in secret. We need more transparency, professionalism and honesty at council level.
  • The hanging chapel belongs to the town and the people of Langport and must never be sold into private hands. It is a betrayal of the trust of the people of the town and must not be allowed.


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