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To: Local authorities

Animal welfare Requirement to walk dogs in the UK

It should be a legal requirement to walk, exercise, socialise and stimulate your dog in the UK.

Why is this important?

Because did you know it's not a legal requirement to walk your dog in the UK?

This is really quite sad.

I have an email from the RSPCA saying it's not a legal requirement to exercise your dog, plus it's not a wellfair issue..

This all began due to my neighbour refusing to walk their dogs and the fact I've noticed they do not clean up their dogs mess in the communal garden. When my neighbours are out, the dogs bark all day, which is causing them to become distressed.

I believe it's in every dogs right to be walked exercised, socialised and stimulated.

I am going to stand up for these dogs in the UK and I hope you will join me.

*Petition time: I hope you will all sign it, because our dogs deserve better šŸ•*




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