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To: HM Government

Legislate for 2 additional Bank Holidays per annum

Add a modest two extra Public ( Bank ) Holidays per annum to bring the UK a little more in line with other major European countries.

Why is this important?

It is well known that the UK is lagging behind other major European countries in the number of Public Holidays it observes every year. I am calling for a modest increase in the number of Public (Bank) Holidays to give us 2 extra such days to coincide with the February and October school Half-Term weeks.
This would be of enormous benefit to our overworked and underpaid workforce, especially those with children of school age, who need more Public Holidays ( with pay ) to eke out their often meagre annual leave entitlements during school holidays.
The government frequently plays the 'hard-working families' card; now is it's chance to 'put it's money where it's mouth is'!



2019-11-29 13:44:16 +0000

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