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To: Secretary of State for Education, Gillian Keegan MP

Let ALL parents access free childcare

The UK Government must make sure its childcare system is truly universal - and stop excluding children because of the fine print on their parents’ visas.

Why is this important?

By September 2025, most working families with children under the age of 5 will be entitled to 30 hours of childcare support from the Government, which is vital support when the average nursery place is an unaffordable £14,000 per year.

But thousands of children are locked out of most of this support right now - forcing parents to give up work, denying children vital opportunities to develop and pushing families into poverty - all because of their parents’ immigration status. Even if children are British citizens, they are still locked out - it’s completely unfair.

This Government are stopping parents from standing on their own two feet by depriving them of access to vital services, leaving families struggling even more during the cost-of-living crisis. Every child, no matter their race, class or immigration status, has the right to a fair start in life.

Yasmin’s story -
Yasmin’s first-born son didn’t get the chance to go to nursery because of nothing more than the fine print on her visa. The Government’s exclusionary rules locked Yasmin and her son out of this support. However, her daughter did get the chance because by the time she was old enough, Yasmin could benefit from government support with the costs.

The impacts on her son have been long-lasting. His teachers have told Yasmin how he struggles more to make friends and interact with his peers than her daughter because he was robbed of this vital early years support. No child should be deprived of opportunities that are so important to their start in life, and no family should be forced into poverty because of government action.





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