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To: Coram Fields

Let children have free play on Corams football pitches

Let children have free play on Corams football pitches

As local parents to children and young adults in the area we feel by kicking the kids off, having split sessions, only allowing the children on the pitches for short periods in block sessions and only for 4 hours over a weekend is taking away a vital, safe, environment for them to participate in physical activities.

Why is this important?

Companies paying for pitches should not be more important to a children’s charity then the children they receive funding for to improve their lives.
Coram football pitches are the only pitches in this inner city, deprived area. Being a children’s charity they have always allowed children and young people the use of the pitches. Even the evenings when they were available for hire there was one dedicated pitch for free play.
The new pitch restrictions, means outside of the dedicated (1-3pm Saturday & Sunday) children are not welcome. Other times young people must book in advance. So as well as taking away young people’s safe place where they can channel there energy into something positive & participate in sports Corams is also preventing siblings, cousins and friends playing football together. As well giving them silly time slots. So if a parent works in the morning for example and wants to take the kids for a kick about in the late afternoon this is no longer possible.
This is an important cause-Corams is a hub of the community. Half terms, summer holidays, after school & weekends our children and young people should have the same access to the football pitch (at least one pitch) like they have always had.

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Reasons for signing

  • Children need open space to play and Express themselves.
  • This is the only local pitch for our kids to play on! Come on Corams. Give us a break!


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