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To: Mitchell & Butler

Let Us Keep O'Neills Ilford Open til 2am On Fridays

Let Us Keep O'Neills Ilford Open til 2am On Fridays

We want Mitchell & Butler to let O'Neills Ilford stay open until its usual 2am instead of deciding to close at midnight because they don't believe it's earning enough money. By doing this all they will do is lose more money because they are sending their regular, loyal customers into the arms of the competition and they are cutting hours of the bar staff with that.

Why is this important?

This might seem silly to some but to most of us O'Neills Ilford is a little place of freedom away from the normal 9-5 grind of life. We are a wholesome family customers, dj, bar staff and door staff combined and closing the doors early on such an establishment will kill the pub entirely. Some of us are new here, some have been coming 10-20+ years and yet we all come together as a whole. 18 year olds are mixing with 50 year olds singing, dancing and enjoying everything that the pub gives. Please help us get our friendly little pub to stay open like it should. O'Neills is the heart of Ilford and with all the trouble there has been around the local area it's nice to have a place to go where you feel safe but also welcome around strangers.

Mitchell & Butler, Warwick Road, Kenilworth

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Reasons for signing

  • Always have a great time on a Friday with so many friends and more I've made, a fabulous atmosphere, great d.j. and the party is just getting started at 12.
  • I have signed because I want to save our little home from home x
  • "not making enough money so we need to close early" is some of the biggest loud of rubbish I have ever heard, with such logic, not opening means you make money? At the very least I would love to see who made the calculation and decided this would make more money or save more money, I want to see the Logic behind the decision, it simply defies all logic


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