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To: The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP

Let Mads Gilbert Back Into Gaza

Let Mads Gilbert Back Into Gaza

To appeal to the Israeli Government to lift their imposed life ban on Dr Mads Gilbert returning to Gaza

Why is this important?

Dr Gilbert worked tirelessly trying to save the children of Gaza during the recent bombing campaign by Israel, the Israeli government are attempting to silence him for speaking out about the atrocities that he witnessed first hand, Dr Gilbert carried out great humanitarian work in the most difficult of circumstances, banning from entering Gaza for like is tantamount to a kind of punishment and is certainly not the actions of a 'democratic government'


Reasons for signing

  • Stop Israeli government crimes against the Palestinians and Israeli human rights abuses.
  • This brave man wishes to complete his vital work saving the children of Gaza - he is a wonderful Humanitarian?
  • Israel is an Apartheid State, far worse even than the old South Africa. Please also sign this petition:


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