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To: Entertainment Industry, Health and Safety

Let's get defibrillators in every entertainment venue

Let's get defibrillators in every entertainment venue

After the horrific incident that took place during the Denmark vs Finland football match on Sunday 12th of June 2021 where football star Eriksen collapsed and was in a critical condition and would have no doubt lost his life without the fast response of the medical team and assistance of a defibrillator, I believe it is an eye opener to show how important and literally life saving these machines are. Therefore I, and everyone else who has signed this petition, feel that there should be at least one defibrillator in all large entertainment venues, especially sporting venues.

Why is this important?

I feel this is hugely important and could save many lives just as the Christian Eriksen incident of 2021 Euros has proven.



2021-08-23 14:37:22 +0100

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