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To: Birstall Parish Council, Charnwood Borough Council, Leicestershire County Council

Let's make Birstall beautiful again!

Let's make Birstall beautiful again!

To improve and maintain the physical environment of Birstall

Why is this important?

Birstall has continued to deteriorate over the last few years. The village centre (Sibson Road shopping area) is tired and in need of refurbishment. Basic amenities such as bus shelters, public benches and public toilets are old, broken and damaged making them unusable and an eyesore. Pavements are strewn with detritus and weeds. Publicly owned hedges are overgrown and unkempt, covering road signs. Road signs are damaged. Graffiti is increasing and is not cleared up efficiently. Birstall is unattractive and uncared for by our public bodies and this is affecting resident's quality of life, and local businesses are struggling. Shops have closed and are left empty, more are closing, and the recent closure of a Bank is reflective of this continuing decline. Compared to other areas of Charnwood, Birstall has been neglected. Other areas of Charnwood continue to thrive and have retained their visual appeal through the years of cuts and austerity. Why not Birstall?

At a time when we should be using our vehicles less, attractive, clean and usable bus shelters would encourage people to use public transport, thereby reducing traffic and pollution levels.

We want action now to restore Birstall back to the bustling and attractive village that it once was. All the issues above need to be addressed. With definitive action then taken to improve Birstall's visual appeal through such as: wooden bus shelters, floral displays, refurbished shop fronts in a traditional attractive style, restyled parks with gardens and seating areas so that they can be enjoyed by more members of the community. This will bring Birstall back to the standards seen elsewhere in Charnwood.

Thank you! Now please see two other important matters for Birstall and its residents.

1) A new health and leisure centre for Birstall, see petition: Let's Improve Birstall’s Health and Wellbeing. 2) Reduced speed on A6/Loughborough Road to 30mph, see petition: Let's Make Birstall Safer!

Now please share with your family and friends. Because Birstall matters!

Birstall, Leicester

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Reasons for signing

  • Have lived in Birstall for 37 years and what was once a very well cared for village is now run down and neglected.
  • Lived in Birstall for 60 yrs and watched it's decline, sad, something needs to be done, 😩
  • Compared to other Villages close by Birstall has been neglected significantly.


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