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To: Birstall Parish Council, Charnwood Borough Council, Leicestershire County Council

Let's make Birstall safer!

Let's make Birstall safer!

Reduce the speed limit on A6 and address noise pollution

Why is this important?

The A6/Loughborough Road in Birstall has seen a tremendous increase in traffic flow. This is due to the A46 junction, the introduction of the Park and Ride, and massive housing development seen primarily in Birstall, but also in the surrounding areas of Rothley, Thurcaston, Mountsorrel, Syston and Quorn. It also one of the few residential areas that does not have any form of speed regulation. Consequently, outside of peak times the majority of traffic along this stretch travels at speeds well in excess of the 40mph limit. This is a particular problem in the evening and into the early hours of the morning, when vehicles have a free rein to speed without the risk of being caught. Construction lorries and freight trucks are a grave danger from the early hours of the day; their high speeds also add to noise pollution levels.

Despite the increase in traffic, there has been very little done to maintain the A6/Loughborough Road, and this requires review. The introduction of noise reducing tarmac would decrease some of the sound and reverberation that residents living on, and around this stretch of road endure. Furthermore, the speed limit should be reduced to reflect the fact that the A6 is, in fact, a residential area with a playing field/park, children's nurseries and school along its route.

Action is required to improve the road surface to reduce noise and reverberation. A reduction in the speed limit to 30mph should be introduced, from entry to Birstall at the Red Hill roundabout, to the junction at the A46. Speed monitoring equipment should also be installed to deter speeding drivers and to punish those making the road a danger.

Please now sign on two other important issues for Birstall. 1) A new health and leisure centre for Birstall, see petition: Let's improve Birstall's health and wellbeing. 2) Improvement of Birstall's environment, see petition: Let's make Birstall beautiful again!

Please share with your family and friends. Thankyou!

Birstall, Leicester

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Reasons for signing

  • Altogether too much traffic, noise & speed. As well as reducing the speed limit on the A6 I would propose 20mph speed limits on all residential roads, especially Greengate Lane.
  • The A6 through Birstall need a policed 30mph speed limit, drivers are unable to control their urge to speed.
  • The speed that traffic goes is far greater than 40mph and near the park this is dangerous.


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