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To: Marks & Spencers

Let's Make it Happen: M&S Food for Stockbridge

Dear Marks & Spencer Team,

We, the residents of Stockbridge, Edinburgh, write to you with a sense of hope and anticipation that still lingers from when we first heard the news that a Marks & Spencer Food Hall was coming to our community. This prospect generated a wave of excitement among us, as we anticipated a unique blend of quality, sustainability, and a commitment to local produce that aligns perfectly with the ethos of our neighbourhood.

We acknowledge the significant challenges the pandemic presented, leading you to step back from the proposed development. However, our community has rebounded, demonstrating resilience and unwavering community spirit. A prime opportunity has now arisen with the availability of a vacant unit on Raeburn Place that is ideal for a mid-sized supermarket like M&S.

This unit, sizable as it is, presents a unique challenge and opportunity. It is likely too large for an independent retailer, which is perhaps why it has remained vacant for the last six months. Yet, it perfectly suits a retailer of your stature. We believe there is no other entity that would be a better fit for this building, this neighbourhood, than M&S. And conversely, there are few neighbourhoods that would provide a better fit for M&S to thrive than Stockbridge.

As we look to the future, we kindly ask you to reconsider the possibility of bringing an M&S Food to Stockbridge.

Why is this important?

Here's why we believe this is not just beneficial but a perfect match:

* Quality and Sustainability: Stockbridge is a community that values the high-quality and sustainable products that M&S offers. Your diverse product range would be welcomed with open arms and would align perfectly with our values.
* Community Fit: With a rich demographic mix, Stockbridge is a perfect match for the broad customer base M&S caters to. The vacant unit on Raeburn Place is ideally sized and located to attract a constant stream of patrons.
* Supporting Scottish Economy Ethically: M&S's commitment to supporting Scottish farmers and producers aligns with our desire to support local. Your presence would directly contribute to the economic growth of our region in a sustainable and ethical manner.
* Promoting Ethical Sourcing: Your steadfast commitment to ethical sourcing would allow our community to feel confident in their food choices, knowing they align with our shared values of responsibility and sustainability.
* Preserving Stockbridge's Unique Character: The vacant unit has a rich history, once housing a much-loved Scotmid supermarket and even a Woolworths in its past. M&S's presence would not only maintain the retail heritage of the space but would enhance and complement the unique charm of Stockbridge.

The time is ripe for us to rekindle the initial excitement and demonstrate to you that Stockbridge eagerly awaits your return. This letter is accompanied by a petition signed by our community members, illustrating our collective support and desire for a brighter, sustainable, and prosperous future with M&S in Stockbridge.

We sincerely hope you will consider our plea. Stockbridge is ready and eager for the return of the exciting prospect of an M&S Foodcourt.

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope to welcome you soon to our vibrant community.

Stockbridge, Edinburgh, UK

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