To: Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Greggs, Cafe Nero, Subway, Tesco & Sainsbury’s

Let's put Frontline Emergency Service staff first

Let's put Frontline Emergency Service staff first

Please can you review your policy to allow frontline Emergency Service staff to cut the queue when on shift, to increase the chances of them actually getting a well deserved coffee/snack before they get another shout?

Why is this important?

These workers rarely get the chance to enjoy a break whilst on duty, often having to leave the shop without their well earned drink/snack if they get a shout while caught up in a queue. Let's show them the respect they deserve and let them 'cut the queue', it'll only add a few minutes to your waiting time and surely it's worth it?

How it will be delivered

This will be delivered electronically to the appropriate person at each organisation


Reasons for signing

  • Emergency workers deserve to be able to eat on their breaks. No one seems to think about this when in the queues until it's too late so companies need to take the responsibility
  • I was a nurse myself up untill 2003 and have been asulted by members of the public in the hospital or threatened we are to help you the public not to abused we save lives and try and make your life's better so STOP bullying us and hurting us
  • Actually you should employ more people you tight fisted scammers. How much for a coffee? Stop making people write my name on a cup - that'll save time. I know my name, I know it's my coffee and writing my name on a cup is an annoying waste of time that doesn't show you care.


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