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To: Brighton & Hove City Council

Let Sussex Homeless Support use Elmore Rd's available wasteland

The land at Elmore Rd's has been made available for a community build.

Why is this important?

We have asked for it to place 2 or 3 of our pods, the first one is ready to place, these are single story 20ft x 8ft they will sit on stilts so do no damage to the ground, we will not be taking trees down or digging mass foundations. The area is used a fly tip and is often full of rubbish as it was on the day we visited. Our idea is to blend in and join a community, we hope the community engages with us. None of our clients require parking spaces. Our tenants will be selected to match this project and the rents set low will allow them to start work build up savings and move on to a bigger home. It is so important for us to get this project running and it has to be central. Please show your support and sign this petition.

By 2022 there will be an estimated 250,00 homeless in England. They will be living in Temp, Emergency and the Streets. Our project is a first home and a genuine plan to lead people back into the community and away from being homeless. All we can do is be there give support and hopefully see a change. If these changes do not work a recent study shows by 2030 we could have as many as 2 million Homeless. We believe the community hold the solution.
Brighton, UK

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500 signatures reached

2021-04-22 08:44:54 +0100

This is so amazing, so many supporters and it just keeps growing, please tell your friends, family the more support the better a chance we have of getting this moving...Thanks You

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