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To: Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Let the community decide Vauxhall's future

We ask the Mayor of London to instruct Transport for London to give Londoners a fair say in the future of Vauxhall by modelling and consulting on the community-led Our Vauxhall plan to make Vauxhall greener, safer and less polluted.

Why is this important?

Transport for London (TfL), with Lambeth Council, has a plan to make the Vauxhall one-way gyratory into a two-way system. This will replace the well-used, safe and much-loved Vauxhall bus station with dispersed, unprotected bus stops. The plan will not improve the efficiency of the transport interchange, make pedestrian and cycle journeys safe, improve public realm or combat pollution. The proposals are a waste of public money which do not go far enough to improve Vauxhall.

Local community group Our Vauxhall, which includes award-winning architects, world-class transport engineers and local residents has produced an alternative, which would make Vauxhall greener, safer and less polluted. Our Vauxhall's plan will keep the traffic moving more smoothly than TfL's whilst also improving journeys through the bus interchange for cyclists, public transport users and pedestrians.

See the plan at

Local meetings have confirmed the popularity of Our Vauxhall's scheme. But TfL refuses to give Londoners a choice. Their consultation is limited to asking for views on their scheme alone. Vauxhall is one of the busiest interchanges in London. This is not just a local matter for Vauxhall. Don't let TfL waste taxpayers' money putting in an inferior scheme when a better plan is ready and waiting. help us to give Londoners a choice and an opportunity to decide.

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