To: UK Government

Let the NHS manage Cancer, not just deliver current treatments

Let the NHS manage Cancer, not just deliver current treatments

Remove the barriers preventing the NHS from engaging with Cancer and wellness, and actively encourage their input.

*** Did you know? Minors in the UK have no option. They're given the current treatment, if they and their families agree or not. We need more and better , less traumatising solutions ***

Why is this important?

Current projections for cancer show that 1 in 2 of us will be diagnosed in our lifetimes. And obviously, even once its reached 1 in 2, it continues.

It's beyond belief that the biggest collection of Health professionals in the world aren't able to proactively interact with Cancer prevention, and Cancer itself, rather than just reactively administering treatments .

Current treatment attacks the cancer, and therefore the body's own systems

There are a growing number of people aiming to rebuild/strengthen their immune systems instead. E.g here is one of many

The NHS can't offer support, monitoring or assessment, even where there are clear positive signs.
(Nb. The suggestion or recommendation in every way, at every time is that we each do the right thing for us. Positive signs are felt in relation to wellbeing at this point; not clinically measured yet by the NHS),

We want the largest collective of Health professionals in the world to begin looking at preventing and managing cancer, and cancer and wellness, not just delivering treatments.

If the NHS gathers and uses that unprecedented amount of knowledge and data, we might just start to reduce that figure of 1 in 2, and rising. We owe it to our kids to ask them to at least look.

If they're to be the generation that resolves this, we should set them up to succeed.

Please please share and comment. Comments will be used to widen the debate. This is really important information, as it makes it all the more real to everyone reading. Thanks so much.

You're massively welcome to join the conversations here

How it will be delivered

Via social media, as we gather interest
Your Comments will be used in debate, media, and any other way we can share experiences, to get this nonsensical situation changed. Please share away, and add your comments, for us to use well.

Reasons for signing

  • Our NHS needs to support individual Descisions for care.
  • Consistently disturbed by cancer survival rates in UK cf others.
  • I've signed to try and help ppl with their battle against cancer


2018-02-19 20:52:17 +0000

Getting lovely messages thro. Excitement is building . If the NHS starts gathering intelligence about cancer, not only would it reposition us as world leaders, with the largest intelligence on health, (NOT just illness) but it could fund itself..
And we just might do our bit to protect our kids from having to face this seemingly unstoppable trauma
An intelligence unit would be a really quick all signing to agree that our information's to be used. Gaining even broad brush intelligence like this to begin, all adds to our being, again, number one in the world.
Please reshare, invite comments, and join in conversations about what else we could find out. Then let us all know what you think?? Exciting.

2018-02-18 23:26:50 +0000

600 plus through word of mouth and social media only. You lot are convincing me more and more that your generation will sort this out.

Your comments show lots of different benefits of the NHS jumping in, so even more reasons why they should. Please keep them coming.


I'm limiting my time on here, and many of you are so much better than me at this hosting stuff. Any willing and brilliant volunteer admin for #dyingtoknow facebook page would be the top of my wish list, just til this gap is more common knowledge. Thanks again.

2018-02-08 09:25:22 +0000

500 signatures reached

2018-02-04 19:02:49 +0000

Ps.. we can't work out how to like the comments, and your signatures..but we do, hugely. Thankyou

2018-02-04 19:01:54 +0000

You lot are fantastic. Today is #worldcancerday. No one wants a day like this. Please share away, and please do comment.. your comments will make the biggest difference.

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