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To: Jack Dromey

Life for Killer Drivers

Life for Killer Drivers

Please increase the current 14 years maximum sentence for Killer drivers to Life, Parliament agreed to do this in October 2017 but still we are waiting. Current sentencing is clearly no deterrent

Why is this important?

Sarah Giles (20 yrs old) was killed on the 29th of July 2018 a whole nine months after parliament agreed to put a tougher deterrent in place for Killer drivers. The man was driving a stolen car at great speed in a residential area. With current sentencing guidelines he could serve as little as 4 years in prison. Week in week out these criminals are continuing to wreck lives and kill innocent victims, with the knowledge that if caught the likelihood of them getting any kind of harsh sentence is small.If he had unintentionally killed Sarah in virtually any other way he would be facing life in prison. Why is using a car to kill less of a crime ? Sarah and hundreds of others are being let down by the law. This must change.


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