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Lift the embargo on Northern Cyprus and recognise it as an independent country, as the South of the island is.

Why is this important?

The Ottomans owned the island of Cyprus peacefully for centuries. The British took the island off the Ottomans by default during the war. Britain offered to cede Cyprus to Greece if they would fulfill treaty obligations to attack Bulgaria, but Greece declined. The Greeks have never owned Cyprus.

The supposed "illegal war" in 1974 was started by a GREEK JUNTA who was not only killing the Turkish Cypriots, but also the Greek Cypriots and possibly the British there too.

It's worth pointing out that the 2 wars in Cyprus, in the 60's and 70's were not started by the Turkish Cypriots.

Turkey stepped in to save their ancestral people who are a minority on the island and who were being overpowered by the forces used against them. However this was seen as an illegal action, although morally it was the right thing to do. I would like to think that we would do the same as Turkey, if our citizens abroad were at risk of being wiped out in a country we used to own.

No embargo was put on Greece for the Greek Junta starting the war, nor Turkey for their supposed "illegal" actions of protecting the citizens of Cyprus against the Greek Junta and his army. Instead the embargo was put on Northern Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriots who were the victims in this war.

It's morally wrong to penalise the victims of a war, whereas the supposed perpetrators get no embargo put against them. The people of Northern Cyprus have had to struggle along for decades and it's only in more recent years that Turkey has started helping them more.

I strongly feel that the embargo on Northern Cyprus and it's residents should be lifted and that part of the island should be recognised as an independent country as the South of the island is.

Turkish Cypriots have suffered under this embargo for over 40yrs and enough is enough. They should never have been punished for this in the first place.

This petition has been set up in the memory of my Mother in Law who recently passed away and had to live through 3 wars in Cyprus. RIP Sefika Kemal Yenilmez 1925 - 2017

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Reasons for signing

  • Despite years of peace talks and ongoing peace talks a solution cannot be agreed upon. It's time to recognise TRNC and lift the Embargo.
  • It's time to let the TRNC people live their lives properly. They have suffered enough deprivation that stemmed from the political mess they didn't create in the first place.
  • I signed this because I am so tired of the good people of the TRNC being treated liklepelike. It us high time both this country and the rest of the world recognised North Cyprus as an independent state if it us the wish of the indiginous population. This country has acted appallingly to se we are one of the so called guarantors.Not to mention the fact that several of our MPs have properties over thre


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