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To: Conwy castle

Light up Conwy castle pink and blue

Light up Conwy castle pink and blue

Light up Conwy castle pink and blue every October for baby loss awareness month

Why is this important?

I’m one of 4 who have lost there child at birth childloss is such a taboo subject that gets forgotten about ive lost 2 children in neonatal due to early labour me and other greiving parents use this month to remember our babies and raise awareness to the fact it happens

Conwy, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • As a retired midwife I want all babies to be healthy and to be given the best chance for surviving.
  • I have signed as I am another who has and who is still suffering the loss of my baby boy 7 years on 🙏❤️❤️
  • I signed because I have lost 3 beautiful babies although they were early in pregnancy its still a loss no woman should have to go through. Unfortunately pregnancy loss isn't mentioned very much which is really sad xx


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