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To: Welsh and UK Government

Light up or Lock up

Light up or Lock up

Please Light Up Or Lock Up Our Parks.

Why is this important?

I am finding it increasingly heart breaking to hear about the amount of attacks and assaults happening in dimly lit or dark areas, mostly community parks.
Aside from assaults happening in a persons own home or partners home, Assaults In a park/other open public place comes third.
I believe that we could eradicate the risk of these attacks by lighting up these areas and/or locking up. I am aware that both comes with a cost and budget restraints hinder this however, the cost of a life is much more valuable.
Not only are many parks not lit up they fail to have basic CCTV in many of the areas, I believe that although this will not stop perpetrators it may deter them or at the very worst supply victims with evidence against the perpetrator

The recent heart breaking story of Sabina Nessa, only brings to light the fact that many Parks and recreational areas are goldmines for perpetrators to commit heinous crimes.
How is it that in the twenty first century we have so much technology and knowledge however we can not make simple changes to reduce the chance of these type of attacks happening.
We apparently live in a "Big Brother" culture, so how is it when these types of crimes happen, mostly around dark parks that little to no CCTV footage is ever found?

I am aware that the lighting or locking up of these areas can not fully stop attacks and assaults from happening however surely this action could potentially help to reduce the risk?
I do think that it is very poor in this day and age of technology that these assaults are going under the radar.



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