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To: Hounslow Borough Council

List Isleworth's Red Lion as a Community Asset

UPDATE 25/2/14: Hounslow Council last night voted to list our favourite local! This means that the Red Lion is now protected for a six months community consultation period in the event that a developer applies for change of use or redevelopment.

List Isleworth's Red Lion as a Community Asset

Hounslow Council: we care enough about the future of the Red Lion in Isleworth that we want you to list it as an Asset of Community Value. If you do, then any developer who buys the pub with the intention of changing its use or knocking it down will have to wait at least six months while we have our say.

Why is this important?

We love the Red Lion because it is a real hub of our close-knit community. We love the neighbourly feel, the great beer and even greater music nights, and we want to preserve it as it is.


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