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To: Housing Minister

Listen to the Peoples Voice on Planning

Listen to the Peoples Voice on Planning

We, the undersigned, call for an end to unrestrained development; it is undemocratic, unsustainable, unnecessary, and will cause lasting damage to the character of the country.

Why is this important?

We want the Government to amend the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to:
1. ensure that development is preferred and prioritised on brownfield sites.
2. protect green areas of special value to local areas.
3. allow all permissions to be counted as part of the 5 year supply definition.
4. give greater weight to heritage, ecology, and culture
5. ensure that developments are sustainable and that adequate infrastructure (roads, public transport, schools, health facilities and leisure facilities) are built in time to meet the needs of the first resident as well as the last.
6. give communities the same rights of appeal as developers in planning law.
7. accept that the expectations for the production of Local Plans in the allotted time-scale were unrealistic and allow a further period of grace to those local authorities that are still struggling to achieve this.


Reasons for signing

  • The Green Belt is vitally important for ecological, climatological and social reasons. Once it goes, all of its benefits will be lost forever, to the profit only of those landowners and developers who want to make a quick profit.
  • I am passionate that my local area is developed in a way that is sympathetic and realistic and for a way that improves lives for the locals
  • Our national countryside is an heirloom to pass down to others not an object to destroy


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