To: Burnley Borough Council (Lancashire)

Litter Fixed Penalty Notices

Litter Fixed Penalty Notices

To stop the employment of outside contractors that implement fines on behalf of the Council for dropping litter.

Why is this important?

I was issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £75 by two people, dressed in para-military black, armed with body-cams and walk i-talkies and told that I had dropped litter in a doorway. They approached me from behind and even though I am 71 years old they threatened me and followed me, telling me all the time that I would be arrested by the police and that I had committed a criminal offence. Totally confused and frightened I gave them my details only to find out later that they had both lied to me and to the Council because they had not observed me dropping litter but had harassed me in the hope of gaining a conviction for monetary reward from their company.

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Burnley and Lancashire

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Reasons for signing

  • I think fines are stupid especially if u drop something by mistake. Pick it up As I have read what people have put here I can see that people are being rudely spoken to and are being threatened by the police and immediated . By the sounds of this it about getting a conviction on someone and the more they get the better for them bigger reward from their company. They wI'll even go to the steps of lieing
  • Going around using threathing behaviour and immediating people for dropping. This is wrong if the person picks it up that's the end of it ,to issue a fine after is wrong. shouldn't feel threatened. By noone It's disgusting how they can speak to people like that . They need lessons in how to talk to people in the right manner By the sounds of it they are only after getting people so it looks like they are doing there job. The more they get the more they get paid .
  • I was approached by someone who said I dropped something. He was rather rude and threatened to called the police if I didn't give my details. I had a lot on at the time and was looking for a bin . His manner was rude and immediating. I'm appeling because of this .rude threathing and also immediating behaver toward me . There were also others dropping litter and nothing was done about them just me


2017-08-10 02:01:17 +0100

Again I came across this outrages intimidation. How much more?

2017-08-09 12:24:42 +0100

My court appearance will be at the end of September. The other day I again saw two (offices) intimidating an elderly gentleman outside Burnley Bus-Station. I know this gentleman as a man with severe mental problems who clearly didn't understand anything the (offices) were saying.