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To: Liverpool City Council and The ACC Liverpool Group

Liverpool against the Electronic Warfare Arms Fair

We are calling for the cancellation of the Electronic Warfare Europe arms fair, at the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool, and for the commitment that no arms fairs will be held in any City Council owned building in future.

Why is this important?

On 16-18 November 2020 international arms companies are due to meet up with military delegations from around the globe to show off the latest electronic warfare technology at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool.

This technology is sold at great profit to countries in conflict, authoritarian regimes and countries carrying out serious and well documented human rights offences.

This event should not be held in Liverpool, especially in a building that is effectively owned by the people of this city. It should be cancelled immediately and a firm commitment made never to hold any such event in the city's publicly owned buildings ever again.

The Exhibition Centre is 100% owned by Liverpool City Council. It is managed for the city by The ACC Liverpool Group. The City Mayor and Deputy Mayor are on the board of the ACC Liverpool Group.

The ACC Liverpool Group describes itself as an ethical and responsible company and has previously cancelled two events under pressure from the City Council.

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