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To: Rishi Sunak, Parliament and the House of Lords Appointments Commission

Liz Truss should go without an honours list or any other perks!

Liz Truss and the Conservative party need to realise that the public mood is for her to leave quietly without an honours list or any other perks of the job. She has been an incompetent and disgraceful Prime Minister.

Why is this important?

Liz didn't even last 3 months, there is no other occupation that would grant you anything for that, no honest one anyway. Instead she fell at the first hurdle, making huge and avoidable mistakes because of her arrogance. Consequently the people of the UK experienced even more worry and suffering.

It now must be made law that a PM that resigns or is forced to go before a year has passed, has no rights to the perks of the job after leaving. It is insulting and ridiculous that she should be able to set her friends up in the House of Lords, receive severance pay and other perks after being such an appalling PM. She blamed circumstance and not herself. She chose such an appalling cabinet that wasn't fit for purpose.

She managed one thing, she attended the Queen's funeral, even Larry the cat could have managed that if they'd provided a comfy enough chair!

Stop this nonsense NOW!



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