To: David Mowatt MP - Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Community Health and Care

Frontline Services could miss out on Social Care Funding

Frontline Services could miss out on Social Care Funding

Force local authorities to use the recently announced social care funding for social care.

Why is this important?

If you or your family depend on social carers to help you live at home please join me in Standing Up for Social Care.

In response to the Social Care Crisis, the government has allocated a phased increase to Social Care Funding via local authorities. However, it is not as straight forward as it appears to be, because some local authorities already know there are funding conditions that prevent funds being allocated to the ‘frontline’ of social care services because funding will be shared or influenced by Health.

What does that mean to families depending on Social Care?
It means Health Services will get the funding and Social Care Services will remain in the same ‘Crisis’!
The ‘Social Care Crisis’ is a serious warning of the potential collapse of the essential Social Care Services in our communities.

Social Care Services and the amazing people who work at the frontline of Care in Our Communities are seen as the unskilled poor relation of Health Services. In reality our social carers are the highly skilled workforce throughout the UK who are the key to reducing part a significant part of the burden on Health Services.

Unless we find a cure for all degenerative diseases (MS, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Motor Neuron Disease to name but a few of a very long list) we will always NEED Social Care Services to take the pressure off Health Services.

A hospital stay currently costs £400 a day & 4 daily Social Care Visits currently costs £60 for 4 hours. It is not difficult to see why the appropriate use of Social Care Funding can stop ‘bed blocking’ completely and save the NHS huge amounts of money.

So why can’t hospitals find Social Care Providers to discharge their patients into the care of??

Because Social Care is in CRISIS – and providers cannot continue to be underpaid to provide care and are in urgent NEED of increased funding at frontline of social care.

If we keep doing what we are doing – we will keep getting what we are getting – and we are very quickly losing Social Care Providers every week! So if we don’t take this crisis more seriously – Social Care will collapse.

David Mowatt (as our Parliamentary Under Secretary for Community Care) can ensure that announced funds will be used to resolve the social care crisis. But WE need to petition him to listen to the voice of Social Care.

Do you know or love someone who could not live at home without social carers coming in?
Together we can make a difference – please sign this petition.

Thank you.

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  • We need to get social care funding to Social Care not health boards.


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