To: The Coop

Local Post Office, Chiswick Station

Retain the existing local Post Office which by a margin is the best run and most friendly in the Chiswick area and a valuable and well used local facility.

Why is this important?

The large retail and service operators like the Coop and the Post Office often seem to put profit maximisation ahead of convenience and service. The Coop claims to support communities and sustainability but if it does not maintain the existing Post Office in its new local store then it is not living up to what it claims is seeks to be. On the other hand the Post Office seems to want to make us only use big, centralised facilities which are souless, often not conveniently located ( particularly for the elderly) and usually very busy with long queues. It is time see some corporate common sense and reflection of community values and thus halt this relentless consolidation.

Chiswick, London

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Reasons for signing

  • Because I do not want to kose a valuable and popular local convenience.
  • Only local pressure will ensure a valuable local service is maintained.


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