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To: Councils and government

Lockers for homeless people

Lockers for homeless people

Fund lockers/small storage units for homeless people and those in unsecure accommodation.

Why is this important?

There has been a massive increase in homelessness with figures of people sleeping rough, in tents or on buses having risen as much as 103% since 2010. Life expectancy for a rough is 30 years shorter than the rest of the population.
Having to carry and look out for all your possessions -including valuable possessions such as ID or sentimental items- around can be both physically straining and taxing on the body and mentally difficult and leaving feeling of shame and embarrassment.
While getting affordable housing for all has slowed at an alarming rate at least giving a safe place with for homeless people to store stuff would help them in meantime till they get off the streets. No one wants to have their bed around all day.
By providing lockers to access in safe public areas can help give them a small improvement in quality of life.


Reasons for signing

  • because I am currently rough sleeping myself and this would be very useful plus I have a shopping trolley


2019-10-18 18:27:03 +0100

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