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To: Chris Loder MP

Stop the loss of Dorset SENDIASS

Stop the outsourcing of Dorset SENDIASS and fully support the existing service.

Why is this important?

Outsourcing this service would lose the trust of parents and the local knowledge and relationships with the existing team.

We want the voices of parents and carers heard who would like to see support and resources given to the existing in-house team to continue to provide the excellent service they do and build a better service for the future of SEN children across Dorset.

We feel that outsourcing will result in a service provider that does not know our families or our demographic. It will result in a long transition period of handover. Of the service provider does not meet their obligations to SEN families then there will be along assessment period and transition of services to another provider or back in-house. All the while children and thee families fall through the cracks.

We are highly concerned that adequate consultation was not given to a wide range of groups and parents with an interest in this area as a result the decision is not reflective of their feelings.

Dorset, UK

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