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To: Highways England, DVSA, Local Councils

Low hanging tree management

This petition has been created to raise the issue of low hanging trees in the UK, to address the constant damage experienced by car transporters when traveling on the nations road network.

Why is this important?

Low hanging trees cost the vehicle logistics industry, insurers and wider associated community (OEM’s and dealers), millions of pounds each year.
There are no warnings or restrictions on any UK road to advise the driver of low hanging trees on the route ahead, so it becomes almost impossible to avoid damage.
By virtue of trees continually growing, the lack of management over the previous years has led to reduced height on many roads so regular maintenance is required.

How it will be delivered

Email contacts the link


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Reasons for signing

  • People don't realise the damage that low hanging trees can cause
  • hate low trees :D
  • Because low hanging treea are not safe


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