To: Ken Skates AM - Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure



Please make our junction safe by creating:
Option 1(Preferred & Safest) -
A roundabout, making it safer & easier to negotiate the junction in any direction, particularly for the increased HGV traffic entering the A483 from Llandrinio directon.

Option 2 - A filter lane for traffic turning right off the A483 onto the B4393 (Llandrinio).

Either option should include double white lines and a 40mph speed limit either side of the junction plus lighting.

If feasible, to include a filter lane for traffic turning right for Penrhos.

Why is this important?

There are accidents here almost weekly, caused by a combination of driving without due care, speed and overtaking. It is only a matter of time before someone is critically injured or killed.
Earlier this year, I saw the aftermath of one example - A medium size family hatchback, hit from the rear by a 60mph van, leaving the driver very badly bruised & shaken but had her young children been in the back, it would have been potentially fatal, as the back half of the car was rammed up to the back of the front seats!
Many like me I'm sure remember the filter was created at the Arddleen junction following an horrific tragedy - Please don't wait for this to be the reason for this one...

Four Crosses SY22 6PS

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Reasons for signing

  • Please note there are paper versions available for anyone you know without internet access... ✓Lewis' Llandrinio ✓Costcutter - Four Crosses & Guilsfield Arddleen Village Hall
  • I use this junction daily.
  • We had a crash here on the way to hospital with my wife in labour. Girl ran into the back of us. Ambulance and air ambulance came out to us. Thankfully all ok.


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Please note there are paper versions available to sign for anyone you know who may not have internet access at...
✓ Lewis' Llandrinio
✓ Costcutter Guilsfield and Four Crosses
✓ Arddleen Village Hall c/o Brian Lawson

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Please, please share and encourage others to sign... It's People Power that makes those who need to listen, sit up and take notice. Thank you

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