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Make all Fireworks Illegal for the welfare of ANIMALS

Please could you make the use of Fireworks Illegal. All Fireworks going off on Special Holidays / events are killing & stressing all animals .
There are more animals dying from being Spooked and shock of the bangs . The farm animals , house pets and the wild animals.
I'm Sure money could be spent on the likes of Drone Displays or Light shows.
This does not only effect animals , young kids ,toddlers and the elderly also get frightened with the noise of them.
Instead of burning money in Fireworks why not invest in Drones that can be used in years to come and would save the money that is spent on bangs and a bit of light out of a firework . Surely With music and the drones it would be a safer viewing less bangs stressing animals and people out.

Why is this important?

The more people that show support will let the government know that they would prefer to save there pets and all animals and people from the stress of bangs from the fireworks. Plus in the long run it would also save the government money in investing in drone and light shows.

Northern Ireland, UK

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2023-11-21 09:46:04 +0000

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