To: MP-George Eustice

Make All Food Packing Eco-Friendly

Make All Food Packing Eco-Friendly

My name is Freya, I'm 10 and the environment is very important to me. I believe that existing food packing uses too much plastic. Instead we should use a material that is Eco-friendly and that biodegrades. Cardboard would be a good alternative but there other alternatives that will keep food air tight.

Why is this important?

This is important to me and the future of the planet because all the plastic packaging that is used is currently buried in a landfill or chucked on the side of a rood. This happened to me once driving to meet my cousins with my Nan there was lots of bags of rubbish thrown into some laybys. But that could all change if we use cardboard.


Reasons for signing

  • Same as Freya!
  • This is an issue also close to my heart which has been troubling me for a long time. Good of you to highlight it, Freya.
  • Because with human ingenuity we can do far better than use plastic which does not biodegrade and ends up in landfill with some plastics leaking phthalates into water supplies


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