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To: Safety of everyone

Make All Motorcycle Gear A Legal Requirement

Make All Motorcycle Gear A Legal Requirement

I would like people to sign if they agree that anyone wanting to ride a moped, scooter or motorcycle has to not only wear motorcycle helmet but also the gear ie motorcycle jacket, trouser or one piece, Motorcycle boots or trainers and gloves.

Why is this important?

People i was close to or Know and seen In motorcycle accidents have either ended up only bruised, few broken bones, wheelchair bound or worse lose there lives because they think they will be find if something happens. If you walk away first time it luck it highly likely wont happen again the way you expect. I want try educate and protect as many people as possible from injuries or death. All of these things should be common sense when riding a motorcycle. As a motorcyclist we are more at risk of injury or death than any other vehicle and the gear is what gives us more of a chance to survive and walk away. Seeing people in shorts, tshirts, flipflops , normal trainers etc makes me and many other motorcyclist have mixed emotions when seeing this.

United Kingdom

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2021-05-27 22:57:50 +0100

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