To: Supermarkerts and their packaging companies

make all packaging Bio-degradable

make all packaging Bio-degradable

To make all packaging bio degradable or zero packaging, we have the technology,

Why is this important?

We all know about the plastic clogging up our oceans and killing our sealife, we have been campaigning for the bottle deposit scheme which is great, but lets push this forward and tackle the big supermarket packaging companies. When i look in my recycling bin and rubbish bin, the waste makes me so sad, from packaged grapes, to bagged carrots/ or shrink wrapped broccoli/ bananas, even mushrooms, what happened to the paper bag and picking your own. I buy organic for health and environmental reasons but it is the worst for packaging which i feel is totally wrong. I went to Sainsbury's the other day and bought 2 pastries from the bakery, the lady said
"i should let you know, you can buy 2 off the shelf cheaper, in the plastic boxes, they are exactly the same"
i said " but they come in a plastic box and here in a paper bag how can those be cheaper."
" I dont know i just thought i should let you know" said the lady.
This seemed totally mind boggling to me, the waste we are producing without a thought, and its the cheaper option! so i call out to these supermarkets to combat this issue, if Germany can have a zero waste supermarket across all departments then we can surely begin to use bio-degradable packaging if zero waste is too difficult! let us go back to helping ourselves and popping it in a paper bag.
But i don't want to stop here, we bought in the 5p bag scheme which made a massive difference now we should demand that those bags are bio-degradable too. and then i want to make sure it is law that ALL packaging is being bio degradable, from buying your tv, to your clothing there are companies out there and at the moment it is a choice whether we use polystyrene or the eco alternative, but i believe it should now be law. there is no excuse for contaminating our seas and land.

How it will be delivered

We will contact the ceo of every supermarket and show them our petition and take to local store managers. When our petition reaches the masses we will then take to parliament to further the packaging debate for changing laws to all packaging.


Reasons for signing

  • They should do something the super markets in the uk
  • For far too long we have taken this planet for granted. There needs to be collective change
  • We need to move towards a sustainable future quickly or it will be too late to make changes


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