To: The City of Edinburgh Council

Make Boness Road Safe for our community

Make Boness Road Safe for our community

1. Urgent speed reducing measures are required
2. Consultation with the community to; extend the 20mph zone, implement adequate signage, traffic calming and safe crossing points

Why is this important?

1. On completion of the new Queensferry Crossing this road became a main thoroughfare into and out of South Queensferry
2. Both Transport Scotland and Edinburgh Council have failed to recognise this and failed to put measures in place to ensure road safety for the community.
3. It has Echline Primary School on it. Children cross the road to get to and from school and also cross after school for clubs and recreation. Echline has an open playground policy so children also cross at evenings and weekends to play, visit friends in the adjacent housing estates and to use Echline playpark.
4. The road currently has a 30mph limit, except for a small 20mph zone outside the school, which operates only at drop off and pick up times. Edinburgh Council chose not to implement the new 20mph safe zone along this road and will not review their decision until some time in 2018.
5. The road is wide with inadequate speed limit signage
6. The road will see increased volumes of traffic
7. Large vehicles will use the road; coach tours, double decker buses and lorries
8. Vehicles will have been travelling at speed on the motorway system prior to entering this residential area

South Queensferry

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Reasons for signing

  • Safety of children & local community
  • Safety of children community living without domination of traffic


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