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To: Brighton & Hove City Council

Save our horse rescue and mental health charity

Convince the council to grant a temporary guardianship or land allocation to Equine Gentling and The Hope Charity at one of many areas of farmland that are unused .

Help to ensure the safety of the horses and continue the essential work with vulnerable young people from the surrounding communities.

Why is this important?

Equine Gentling are being made homeless in August and urgently need 60 acres of land for their work to continue. We work to rehabilitate rescue horses and take that healing to our young people with social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties.
Our free grazing horses conserve the natural ecology of the downs whilst our work with young people and their families provides support where often there is none.

We need support from the public to ensure us and other community projects are a key part of the future of the Downlands Estate.

The Hope Charity Project is a charity supporting young people who are struggling with their mental health. They have been without a permanent home for over 18 months and have been forced to move all their support online. They work with young people and their families, offering counselling, therapy, emotional care and guidance.

Desperately needed support services that provide for the most vulnerable of the community are being overlooked. This is happening during the pandemic, a time when the need has never been higher. These projects need to find a home where they can help these young people and their families.

For more information on the impact these charities have on their communities, please visit their websites or visit the Brighton Downs Alliance website to find out more about how you can have your say on the future of the Downlands Estate.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver this petition with your signatures via email to the Council and we will do everything we can to get a face to face meeting with those responsible for the decision making process for farm tenancies.

Brighton and Hove, UK

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For more information, here’s an interview with Equine Gentling founder Dan Corbin on Friday 2nd July