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To: Scottish Government - Pet Animal Welfare Branch

Make Cats Deaths by Traffic Accountable for

Make Cats Deaths by Traffic Accountable for

Make any Cat hit by a vehicle, reportable to the police by law.

Why is this important?

A cats death is not accountable for, meaning they are not important. A cat that is hit by a vehicle can be left on the road, alive, and with broken limbs, not to mention internal injuries. Why are they left to die in agony??. The driver of the vehicle just drives on. The devastation that every animal goes through is the same for cats as dogs and any other animal that is hit. We cannot always follow wild animals, who are hurt, but the outcome is just the same. Pure agony and no one to help them, because they are not important enough, to protect with a Law against Hit and Run incidents, for our poor cats and wild furries.
My sisters cat Tiko lived until he was 18 but it wasnt his age that killed him, it was a hit and run driver who finished him off.
Jessie another cat, ran out into the road and was thrown into the air, the driver never even got out of his car, he just sped off. She was put to sleep because of internal injuries and broken limbs.
Most vets will euthanise an animal, who is so injured that there is no hope, free of charge, there is no vet worth his/her salt would not do this for the poor animal concerned.


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