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To: Broxbourne Council

Make Cheshunt Skate Park Safe

Make Cheshunt Skate Park Safe

We want the park to be improved and made safe for all to enjoy. The current layout gets hectic and is dangerous.

The skate park should be fenced off to stop smaller children being able to run onto the ramps. There should also be an additional skate park area for smaller children as the current one is good but not suitable for all ages.

Why is this important?

It is impotant to have an area for smaller children as it would help keep them and others safe. I have witnessed many serious injuries as a result of smaller children sharing the same space with older users. When the older more experienced skater/bikers are using the ramps the younger children are putting themselves and others at risk.
The skate ramp area is not fenced off and younger children can and do run in the space which results in accidents. Due to the park layout it is hard to keep track of kids in the various areas and this should be redesigned to make it a family friendly space accessible to all.

Cheshunt, Waltham Cross EN7 6QD, UK

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