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To: David Gauke MP

Make childcare costs an allowable business expense.

Make childcare costs an allowable business expense.

The HMRC should add chilldcare costs to allowable expenses that self employed people can claim, provided it is wholly and exclusively for business purposes.

Why is this important?

For many self-employed people, they cannot operate without using a childcare provider.

Eg. If you are a self-employed single parent who needs to meet a business client in their offices; why won't the HMRC accept that the childcare expense is wholly and exclusively for business purposes?

The current position is an anomaly and indirectly discrimminates against women who disproportionately suffer a detriment under the current rules.


Reasons for signing

  • all taxes on income (including employee NI) should be on income after childcare expenses (& after all other taxes as well). (& abolish employer's NIC for self-employed, & for nannies) (why not for every carer of vulnerable person) (only tax us on income net of our health [+dentist+optical,...] costs & care costs & net of rent of Land).
  • For a mother to work before a child turns 3 years of age and begins school, childcare cost must be an allowable expense. Otherwise it is practically pointless going to work if any money earned only covers childcare costs. What about single mothers or those with no family nearby?
  • its obvious!


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