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To: Essex County Council

Make Colchester the first all-electric bus town!

Make Colchester the first all-electric bus town!

We would like Essex County Council to put Colchester forward for the government's "Britain’s first all-electric bus town" initiative (

The government deadline is 4th June 2020. This petition will end on 26th May 2020.

Why is this important?

We would like Essex County Council to know that the people of Colchester are desperate to address the air quality and traffic problem in the town - but we need to give people a clean, effective and affordable alternative to car travel and this can be it. Please put all of your effort into making this happen!

We know how dangerous and damaging to people's lives and health poor air quality is. Clean Air Colchester is a hub of general and local information about how air quality affects us all right here in Colchester -

Why Colchester? Our town would be a perfect place to set up this scheme. We have a very active community made up of many groups and individuals who are very concerned about our residents' health as well as our environment and have been campaigning for better air quality and traffic solution for a long time. Colchester Borough Council is also currently implementing a DEFRA-funded awareness raising and behaviour change project (the only one in the country), awarded as a result of the obvious need and interest locally. Should Colchester be chosen for this scheme, the impacts and transformative effects could be recorded through testing and video testimonies recorded by local filmmakers and campaigners to show the positive impact that moving from polluting buses to an electric system can have.

As the oldest Roman town in Britain, Colchester has many narrow roads in the town centre. The buildings flank our roads to form a canyon-like environment which can trap air pollutants, meaning that pedestrians, residents and road users end up breathing in dangerous levels of air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and fine particulate matter. There are four areas in Colchester that exceed established air quality objectives. Testing shows air pollution levels in excess of legal limits (40 mg/m3).

As the town is developed and spreads at an unprecedented rate, we need clean public transport options to replace the dirty old buses that currently belch out toxic pollution.

Please put Colchester forward for this scheme and help us to transform our beautiful town and inspire national change!

How it will be delivered

Clean Air Colchester will email these signatures to Essex County Council and will contact local press to ask them to cover the story.

Colchester, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I'm all up for a cleaner brighter future for the whole of our planet, it would also make towns a quieter more appealing place to visit, Diesel buses of an older age such as Colchester's transportation available are in such a poor over run state of repair constantly leaking fuel, oil and other spillage's on the roads. Colchester requires this investment to clean it act up and attract more people back, to use our public transport again.
  • I want to save the planet!
  • Fresh air, a step in the right direction to cutting carbon emissions!


2020-05-27 21:49:23 +0100

Thank you all so much for signing this. We’ll be presenting this to Essex County Council (ECC) in the coming days. We’ve been informed that ECC isn’t planning on putting Colchester forward but we are hoping to have a meeting with the relevant people to better understand the reasons, present the petition (all of your wonderful signatures!) and reiterate why we think it’s worth a shot. Thank you again and we will keep you posted.

2020-05-04 21:00:05 +0100

100 signatures reached

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