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To: The UCI

Make Cyclocross races equal time for men and women.

Cyclo-cross races should be the same duration for men & women in UCI level events, and the rules should be changed to remove any reference to gender.

Why is this important?

There is no viable reason why women cannot race the same duration as men, and the practice is perpetuating problems that cascade through to cycling's national governing bodies and their affiliated race-organising clubs. Women and girls are capable of racing for as long as men and boys, and currently women's races are often shorter, sometimes almost a half of the men's events, depending on the lap distances. If the reason is one of timetable or daylight-availability, then men's races and women's races should both be set to 50 minutes, or similar.

There can be no convincing reason for such inequality and cyclocross in particular, along with cycling in general, should be leading the way in setting a sensible standard for gender equality.



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