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To: Ofgem

Make energy companies refund customers

Make energy suppliers set payments so that customers’ credit balance returns to £0 each year as opposed to the current system, where suppliers keep hold of the money.

Why is this important?

Millions of people from across the UK could be owed hundreds of pounds in refunds from their energy provider. The refunds are linked to direct debit payments on fuel costs, which often result in customers overpaying in summer months. And some suppliers are using the money to fund "otherwise unsustainable business practices." It’s just not good enough.

That’s why energy watchdog Ofgem is consulting on introducing an auto-refund system in which consumers are automatically refunded on a yearly basis rather than building up credit on their accounts.

If thousands sign the petition, Ofgem will know how serious the public are taking this issue, and even the big energy companies could change the way they do things before they are forced to.


Reasons for signing

  • i don't want energy companies using money that belongs to me . It's a form of stealing, not paying back what you owe.
  • I'm with Bulb. My bills are estimated if I don't submit readings. I don't want a smart meter.
  • They charge me extra if I pay late and have their money but are happy to keep my estimate overpayment, make money from my money. Stop this now and stop pressurising customers to have Smart meters that should never have been allowed in the first place, (sepeaate issue I know, but connected!)


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