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Make Financial Abuse a Crime

Make Financial Abuse a Crime

Create a fair system in law to look at debts created by individuals who coerce partners in life or business to agree in signing documents, then walk away void of responsibility, leaving others in dire straits.

Why is this important?

Many people in partnerships in business or relationships often sign financial agreements together, joint and several, without considering what would happen if there was a breakdown in the relationship.

Often they do not seek legal representation due to cost, and finance companies make individuals sign as many guarantees to ensure their debts are paid, but joint and several often leaves one individual being hounded for the money, when the other signatory walks away going bankrupt, or avoids payment, hiding behind false income reporting.

This is unfair, unjust and the system needs a shake up where individuals have knowingly been left in dire straits due to irresponsible behaviour by another.

Organisations such as Womens Aid, Shelter, Citizens Advice deal with debt, homelessness, domestic abuse daily, but the number of women who are left in horrific financial crises by ex-partners who walk away from all responsibility is a world wide epidemic. Catastrophic when there are children involved.

It has to stop.

There has to be a responsibility crackdown, so that the culprits are caught, and pay their dues, by whatever means.

Financial Abuse has to stop.



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