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To: Andrea Leadsom MP - Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Make flexible working work for us

Make flexible contracts work for workers, not just employers:
- introduce a right to reasonable notice of working hours
- provide workers with compensation for shifts cancelled without reasonable notice

Why is this important?

Employers up and down the country are abusing current flexible working arrangements to make life impossible for hard-working people.

Over 1.7 million people across the country are very anxious about their hours changing unexpectedly and without enough warning. Shifts are often cancelled at the last-minute leaving families short of cash for things like food or bills. And with hours changing week to week it can be impossible to budget and plan ahead. Right now flexibly working just isn't working.

It's time the government stepped up and helped protect workers by ensuring flexible working practices work for workers, not just employers.


Reasons for signing

  • How can you budget or pay rent if you're not sure how much you're getting paid. No wonder so many people are homeless.
  • For over a decade I have experienced weeks working 60 hours, which are cut to 12 hours the next as 'required'. I have been given less than an hours notice to cancel my shift or been sent home after being at work less than an hour because they have over staffed. All for companies to whom their staff are disposable. For the millions of workers trying to survive in these jobs living conditions are hard; debts, family tensions, insecure housing and anxiety are part of every day life!
  • My daughter works 30hrs but earns so little l subsidise her from my pension !!


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